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There must be a way. The Viking found one.

Melody, hypnotic productions. Prevail.
Autobiographic, it becomes classic.
Identity: Peter Parker. Spiderman.

Web fluid substance help me stick to the mortar brick.
Half-mortal portraits make a poor man rich.
From the ditch to the foxhole use a skeleton key
For what you can see through the eyehole it's like 1408.
The life fall's at stake
Hydroplane interstate
We construct, we conduct, like an orchestra pit.
But more focused and shit.
Cut competition like orchids in the Little Shop of Horrors.
I riddle rappers with the recoil.
Cause I can spit with force; rip up blunts like it was ricochet.
Pick my prey.
Use my primal instinct 'till they slip away.
Purgatory's gray, Hell is dark, Heaven's white and gold.
Now you try your best to leave your mark before it all unfolds.
Eyes will be forever closed,
Family's down on cemetery, bros carry a dozen rose,
Bury you with bulldozers.
Grass grows around you and no one ever gonna know
What you thought you'd amount to
The cleaver's too clever for the reaver to renounce you.

Madchild: The Silver Surfer.
Fighting with good and evil.
Give you nightmares.
Step into the labyrinth of Madchild.

Yeah, now that I'm straight edge, I'm sharper than a straight edge.
Reminiscing 'til the beat boys summoned with a shaved head.
My form, breathing like a firestorm
Tweeting on my iPhone, monster in my Styrofoam.
Teamwork makes the dream work, first it seemed worse
Now the situation; you're about to see the seams burst.
It's explosive, I'm so full of emotion.
I can't help but be a bit ferocious.
Approach us, I'm focused.
The joke is that we are not the brokest.
Richer than we've ever been, we swarm like we're locusts.
Every verse I spit is catapulted into outer space
Every line's a shot of Mace, feeling like I'm out of place.
Pretty boy to a fucking man with a rough face,
Touch base with a nutcase in a tough place.
Suck face with a rattlesnake, wrestle alligators.
Bear fighting, I'm a rare titan and a gladiator.
Very influential for those who have potential,
I'm mental, nothing that I do is accidental.
Now that I'm back we've got our people.
Now they're praying for us.
Without commitment, we're in trouble like the rain forest.

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