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We chop it up
We drop the cuts
Look out for us
Cus here we come (uh-huh)

Im startin to blow thinkin how far can we go
Work hard for the dough we dope but you already know
We droppin the cut, rockstar choppin it up
Oh my god we stay hard never softening up
And we rockin it rough
Tough til my pockets are stuffed
Love hip hop and clockin the bucks how can I get enough
This shits ridiculous I say fuck the fifth
Im particularly wicked while I kick it with a nickel platted nine
So I can hit you in the nick of time hit the nicest I can find
Every nights a different dime
(Madchild) I was a crazy little devil at a early age
Been raising hell still I'm tryin to reach the pearly gates
Fuck with my family I will separate your vertebrae
That girl was last night I think I'm taking her today
Im havin bad dreams people wanna murder me
Well thats the word at least first second and third degree
Shoot first then ask the questions if theres a burglary
Im a bad man madchild you might of heard of me

We chop it up
We drop the cuts
Look out for us
Cus here we come (uh-huh)

Listen suckers obey the law
Battleaxe warriors waging war
Burn the roof off crack the floor
We used to be kings
These ain't those days no more

Not done til my groups number one
Til I'm proud of what ive done
Another cloud in the sun
Cus we are better than the rest of them
That theres the battleaxe crew dont go testin em
Alot of rappers gettin on my nerves today
I told ya homeboy gangster not a word to play
You hide behind the image without puttin in the work
No wonder why you end up looking like a fuckin jerk
Just because you got a black and gold sparkly shirt
With some diamonds on your watch you aint never did no dirt

Hey yo madchild I hear what your sayin big homey
Prev-one I hear you, alot of these dudes aint know what ya done
Battleaxe number one

Listen suckers obey my orders
Battleaxe warriors crossin borders
Rock all sound system not distorded
The rebel of treble, the bass destroyer
Take stage world wide we are born performers
Put your right fist up that means that you can join us
Appetite for destruction rapid attack is enormous
Back in black smash the amp and then I'm back to the chorus

We chop it up
We drop the cuts
Look out for us
Cus here we come (uh-huh)

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