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[Verse 1]
Focus of an orchestra, dozen black roses
Energy of rock group, symphony's explosive
Half the appetite, that's the sacrifice
That's the path of light, laugh to afterlife
Earthly primitive disturbing images
Center of attention, feel my inner-tension
Conquest original, intent to purify spirit
Regiment descend with a vengeance
My brothers shed blood with me
You hate on what I'd love to be
It goes paralyzed force, I fly through my verse
I fly high in a parallel universe
Strange fascinations living in a world
Where children are just spit on become greatness
I'm antisocial, misplaced aggression
I'm not your trophy, love breeds obsession

Yesterday does not exist
Tomorrow is made
Today is all there is

[Verse 2]
Lust for advancement, personal development
Mentally elevate psychedelic elements
Isolated Mad Child talk torture
Zolac to Zoltar, dirtbikes and go-karts
Dark town iron-jawed angel
Danger's no foreigner, I enjoy strangers
Aqua, blue, turquoise-ingrained scenery
Fascinated landscape, my mind's machinery

[Verse 3]
The danger's imminent, the razor blades are intricately
Placed inside our mouths, we spit them out at the belligerent
A blessed array, decrepit decayed, in every display,
Be selective of the records you play
In the black marble banquet hall back when I can't recall
Show down house of blue leaves, blood and snowfall
We're indestructible impossible odds
Competition stops breathing? I'm a possible cause


[Verse 4]
The illusion is lifted, the mist of this life with shifted dimensions for the demented souls
Who hold pistols in suspense of the last days suspended
Animation of the free will revealed as a test but not yet
Not until the last footsteps leave the green grass
After the coffin is tossed in a soft pit of six feet of spirit form
You watch it feeling awful and nauseous
The angel of death just stomped you as you crossed through the universal sauce
Your agnostic belief cost you your afterlife
Punishment of the grave as you approached by two blue-eyed angels
No halos and dark faces expressionless
Three questions, no less than this
No guessing, only a rebel of God wanted the session in which case he will see his place in hellfire


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