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Rebuild - text


Watching the world with my highway eyes
Watching the world from the windows that I’ve known
These mobile homes

Loneliness was a friend of mine
But with you that’s through and I feel home
Away from home
Away from home
Away from home

- Chorus –

Oh we’re the regeneration
Oh with time to kill
Oh we’re the regeneration
Oh rebuild, rebuild

You lit a fire in the pouring rain
But there’s so many noisy voices
Oh! I get so cold.

The city lights and the midnight train
I hate to say it but I get caught letting go
Of the things I know

Do not conform to this
Do not conform

Every life comes with a broken heart
Dying here to be made whole
We are the lost souls with a second start
Following the builder home
There’s a temple I’ve found in the strangest part
Where the stones are built of souls
Where the builder himself has promised, “love,
I’m never going to let you go. Go!”


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