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Laniakea - text


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[Verse 1]
A familiar turn of the century hurls
That optimism is a better word
My eyes are swollen at the sight of it all
The youth are dominant, we gotta do well
And all the magic was chisled down
Until all the magic just can't be found
A leader cries and I'm not sorry for them
And they can't use our baths to wash all their sins, when...

[Chorus 4x]
All the brothers and the mothers and the lovers
They all sing out!

[Verse 2]
I'm inclined to lie in one place
To see how many lives I can live
I flew to the sun and I stole her hat
And then I flew right back but now I feel so bad
I dug a hole in a well to see who's about
I inclined within the sky and I
I talked to God and she laughed with me
About all the books are him and all the rhymes are he, and all the...

[Chorus 4x]

I went swimming in the dark one day
Lights done flickering and I'm awake
I went fishing in the stars one time
If it's hope that kills me then I won't die [3x]

[Chorus 5x]

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