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Imagination - text


Imagination can't know how to lie but I can
I believe in anything that's great
That's my lie, yes I can
I went away for just a day
Walked a million miles in the wildest way
Can't leave this planet not today
Messed it up and go do the same

[Verse 1]
Yes I can, stop and it's over, lies
Yes I ran, from getting older, so wise
Cause everybody's holding back
It's not what you wanted huh?
Everybody told you that
Everybody's holding back
It's not what you wanted huh?


[Verse 2]
I'm not a man, I'm a word, and I'm not stronger
It's not fate, equality moulds into love
Everybody told me that
So what could be different?
But I'm not a soldier man
Everybody's leaving Earth
It's not what we wanted huh?


[Outro 4x]
Swim deep, and keep your lovely eyes running free

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