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Shock Me! Thrill Me! Love Me! - text

I'm your lover and your sacrifice
I put your head to the fifty skies
I know that I'm reason why
You don't believe me cause I'm Rock and Roll
My mind is in the high like my soul
Still you think that I'm right man?

I'm thinking of the other girls cause it's good for my soul yeah
It's a something like strange course and I love it is all me

Shock me! Feel your body when it's time to make love
Thrill me! When my mind is silly do you really want that?
Love me! Like a hooked, you little sucker you bitch
Shock me, thrill me and love me!

What do you wonder? I will fuck you, too
Can I lick you when your dream come true?
It's me, I could be your god
And if you thinking of this too much long
I find the other girls and sing this song
So come on, I don't have a time

You gave me what I want for like and I think that you don't know
That my dick is sharpest knife which is your fucking hole

Turn it up and look at me I told you that I have truth
I'll show what you never see and you'll be completely new

Text přidala PaulieC

Video přidala PaulieC

Shock Me! Thrill Me! Love Me!

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