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I look at you and see your sinfull face
Lot of crazy thinking but in eyes have grace
I never know what this sign is mean
In the air I smell thing like a sin
Take me high enough and take me far
Then I will feel like a fucking star
Let me know that it will only night
Then I hope that win this sexy fight

And you don't know how big is your luck
I'll fall in love if you only wanna fuck
I have code to your love
I have code to your love
Be sure I only promise and you have only luck
I have to your love...If you wanna fuck

Why must you tell about the other guys?
I don't care cause you are so nice
But O only thinking about one and more
I want to fuck cause you look like a whore

And this night you'll be only my bride
(If you wanna fuck)
And this place dishonor your grace

Text přidala PaulieC

Video přidala PaulieC

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