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Patrick Swayze - Cliff's Edge - text


Keep it up, you'll die in pain
The road I've takin'
Is for the insane

Lie to myself pretend I'm right
A high stakes game
Defyin' life

A one time nothing
A one time Adonis
You forget how fast
The years pounce on us

Years come down and nothing remains
If I don't start soon
There's no chance to regain

Ridin' with the dawn
With a ghost in my head
Racin down the highway
Just feeling dead

So what I do
With this death wish I have
When the cliff's edge is near?

I'm trying to be a poet
To justify the darkness in my soul
That I defy

Driven by the music of a heavenly band
I let no one in
To give me a hand

Where will it end?
It's been oh, so long
It gets harder and harder
To run with the strong
Runnin' alone on a blade
With an edge that can cut to the bone

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