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God damn the Sun - text

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When, when we were young
We had no history, so nothing to lose
Meant we could choose, choose what we wanted then
Without any fear or thought of revenge
But then you grew old, and I lost my ambition
So I gained an addiction, to drink and depression
They are mine, my only true friends
And I'll keep them with me until the very end
I'd choose not to remember, but I miss your arrogance
And I need your intelligence, and your hate for authority
But now you're gone, I read it today
They found you in Spain, face down in the street
With a bottle in your hand and a wild smile on your face
And a knife in your back, you died in a foreign land
And they found my letter rolled up in your pocket
Where I said I'd kill myself if she left me again
So now she's gone, and you're both in my mind
I've got one thing to say before I am drunk again

God damn the sun
God damn the sun
God damn anyone
That says a kind word
God damn the sun
God damn the sun
God damn the light it shines
And this world it shows
God damn the sun

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