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From the heavens above
Through the silent twilight, she fell
Blinding light of a falling star
Or wings ablaze?

I watched her sleeping away her pain
Under the eyes of her crows
The dark grew around her like the shadows
As the sun went down

I offered her salvation
From this place of woe and thorns
Washed her wings so black, from ashes
And hid away her horns

Wipe away your black tears
Welcome the darker times
The day of tomorrow
Is for the chosen ones

From the fires of yesterday
Until the hell of tomorrow
The memory of light is all we have

The fear in her voice kept echoing in my mind
Like the cries of a lost child
Who knows she won't last through the night

Under the stars of the open sky
She gazed into the night
Wondered why she fell below
Abandoned by the light

The ballet of shooting stars above
She watches them in tears every night
Her wings chaimed down to earth, unable to leave
I'm the guardian of her hell, the one remind her
That love will get you here

Text přidala mala-LAJka

Video přidal DevilDan

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