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The Gathering of Black Moths - text


Hell is here, whre storms are drawing near

We are black moths, seperated from the core
Chased away into the night, to the farthest shore
Where storms rip our wings apart

We cicle around the flame
Holding on to the light of hell that glows for us
In our name, of pain and betrayal
This is our home, on the farthest shore, where the bells toll fear

We are the black moths circling around the flame
The distant lighthouse in the raging storm
The glow of the safe harbour we will never reach
Like a compass without the North, we are lost
Ever changing course from home, forever lost

For our sins we are cursed to stay here
For all the wings we left behind, burned and broken
Now the ones to hold the blackest ones
On our backs they keep us alive in this world of the dead
But not to be remembered, only in all evil

We are the black moths circllng around the flame
For a thousand years of suffering, a price from the life we left behind
Thrown into the loneliness of this last shore
From the life all promises, into the abyss of souls parted

And the calm is only to remind us of our black hearts
The one that beats no more, won't hurt anyone, evermore

Now I am finally home where I belong
Flying into the flame of hell every night, just before the sunrise

To burn to ashes
Just to form again for a new night of suffering

To remain what I was
The evil, again and again and again and again and again and again...

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