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Failure, Victim, Nothing, Bleeding, Losing, Everything

I was never the one, in their eyes no one will
I laid them all to rest, the demons inside of me
Bury my heart in your icy womb
Away from the light into earth's silent tomb

I am lost and catatonic

Choking, cursing, shattering
Blame, blame, blame
Burning, Cutting, I'm Vanishing
Shame, shame, shame

Walls are closing in, they're staring
Shade's still chanting
Run, do it, done?`

Brake your wows of trying
Let them suffer in longing
Be remembered
... for nothing?

Felt the pain but I numbed it down
Crowded steets, but no one's around

These kingdoms of dust, these empires of loneliness
Walk through me you all; curse you, you heartless

We are lost and catatonic

Failure, victim, nothing
Pain, pain, pain
Cutting, Burning, I'm Vanishing
Shame, shame, shame

We are lost

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