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Forgive me father
I was 7 hours late, and now you're gone

But I made it next to you, as I promised
Dressed you for your last journey
I'm dead to you now, sill holding the words that were left unsaid

Couldn't burden you wish the sorrows that crushed my chest
Couldn't find the right time to share those words, why the days passed away

I'm dead to you now, and will be, until my own heart sees the fallen veil of night
Until the curtains open for me, to walk the same moonlit silver trail, I always will be 7 hours late

Carrying the pain of knowing, that you never know
Why we both went through the days apart, but with the same shadows in our hearts

I can't never tell you why I wasn't there, until they bury me in the same soil
Until we meet again, I will be 7 hours late

These rooms of shadows, echoes on these walls, this empire of loneliness
Sill feeling the presence, your soul sill lingering here for a while

And the dark that pours in through the night-side window
And the light that fades into the woods
Like fireflies dancing betweenthe rusted trees, the light that escaped from my side
Glowing in the woods, waving its last goodbye until its gone

And then it's dark

Text přidala mala-LAJka

Video přidal DevilDan

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