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From the depths of the dark side
Crawling to the mirk
Lost in waters of bronze
Coming from the bowels of earth
Draining memories in fusion
Vision, unbearable
Enter, in swamps of unborn

Cursed is this name
Which I spell
By trembling of fear in darkness
Seizing me again
Fascinated, staring, my soul is lost

Hypnotic, fervent rhythm
Drebched in a primitive trance
Tearing the sense of my consciousness
This barbaric pulsation
Choke my pulpit

Mesmerized as you behold that god from above

Tempered of a salty and noseous sweat
Nerves paralysed by this anxious dream

Into a demential sea
And the silence comes

Powerless, abandoned
Left nude
In front of him
In the center of this circle of another age
I feel now the unspeakable

Swash, Yhss
Swash yhss, has khaee
Pow your hal
Pow your hal yhss ath owgn

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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