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One day, one night
You’ll find, you’ll see
I was right, you were wrong
You should never have abandoned me

This rotten cheap hotel
With a stale old smell
Where the hell is the bell man,
Did I call down downstairs, does anybody care?
Send me a pack of those cigarettes please
Make that two
One bottle of vodka
And one glass
The television doesn’t seem to work so well
What a situation
What a situation

Lock clock, flips by, so slow
Somewhere I hear a crackly radio
Shout out the news in Spanish
How much longer can I languish?
Think my appetite has vanished
Feeling sorry for myself
I think I’m gonna go downstairs
I’ve got to clear my head

One spliff, no light
Me and my empty box of matches
And a half bottle of guinness
And one love, one life
Plus no taxi budget means
Must walk, no ride
If I’m to build my vibe tonight
That’s right

Can anybody get a drink around here?
At least some music
Out of the way
Let me on this plane!

[Mick & Joss]
One day, one night, you’ll find out what’s right, you’re gonna realize
One day, one night, you’re gonna miss me,
It’s gonna end up being some crying
Yeah, what’s the situation?
I want to avoid your confrontation
One day, one night, you’re gonna wake up, wake up and cry
You’re gonna break down and cry, sit down and cry
One day I swear, one night, I need to see you cry
I swear yeah you’re gonna miss me
Yeah you’re gonna miss me
Wish you’re gonna, wish you’re gonna
Wish you’re gonna never gonna ever wanna stop

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