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Child of Frost - text


Carrying a little chest in his hands
Wandering alone these northern lands
Every single breath so full of pain
The moon and the stars calling his name

I need to go on and on
When the autumn rain still falls
I have a snowstorm within me
The frost and the dark living in me

Those whispering winds surrounding him
Behind the lies a glance so grim
Father's pride he tries to reach
In his nightmares he's losing it

I need to find the way to the gates
Before my everything withers away
I have the power to freeze rivers, lakes and seas
Blow neverending wiinter and execute all my fantasies

You try to fly but your wings are so weak
They won't believe
They haven't seen me with my misery
The bringer of winter you shall forever be
Like a cold disease I'll seed
That's my destiny

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