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Nothing To Save - text


I'm looking for exit,
I’m trying to escape
Escape from this world,
Escape from myself
I have no sсense
In my damn life
Nothing to save
All I have lost,
That I’ve thought little of,
I’m a cause
All I destroyed
No more hugs,
No more words.
I had scense less values
I was blind fool
Was eager to have money
And richness adored
Thought I was mightful
Did not prevent mishap
My creed’s destroyed,
Life lost it’s scense
Colours began to fade
What should I live for?
I want to forget all,
And hide disappear
Suddenly snow,
Piercing wind, and snow-storm
I do not see way,
Do not know where
I am I feel a something
Is going to occur
I can’t go back
I entered
strange world

Text přidala LaurenFlame

Video přidala LaurenFlame


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