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Ghosts of the Past - text


Spot of light in deepest woods
Brought me hope
I walk there struggling
Piercing wind and snow
Chill chained my body and my soul
I fell and rose through pain.
There is no way back, nothing to lose.
I trod my way long
Then saw trees felling back
Enlightened something
Cleared darkness
I'm stunned hypnotized
I touched the light
My mind was caught
By images of past
I curdled terrified.

Ghosts of the past
Encircled me,
Events and acts of my disgust
I've tried to forget.
I can't confide it
I can't accept!

Light slid away
I was suppressed
Horror and fear chained me
Woods closed down
I felt restrained
Memories agonized
I can't stand it!
No way! No more!

I paced for my way out
But cut my hands to blood
This woods turned into curse
I rushed, the panic burst
There's no escape!
I don't know why!

Ghosts of past,
Black figures of my sins
I slaughtered them
From memory.
Nothing to change!
I'd better die!

I feel I'm going insane
It's punishment for all I've done
I'm in hell, It's time to pay!

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