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Stop (Don't Push the Button) - text

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There's a place in my heart
for every man on earth
still i feel, i feel like i am shrinking
(i don't know if )
there's a hole in my soul
growing out of control
and i don't know, i don't know
how to mend it
you don't want to suffer
(don't let anyone enter)
you don't want to suffer
so howl to the window
wipe off the dew
(and bend your claws)
cry like you mean it
just don't pull out the tube
stop looking for the tender hearts
(you'll find nothing)
(don't push the button)
i want you to stay
i want you to go
be mine forever or so
(i don't know if i am able to)
our souls disabled
you want to rip out the cable but
false is the feeling of surfacing in safe mode
(you will find nothing)
(don't push the button)
bless the bleeder

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