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Past thoughts are traceless,
future thoughts are un-produced and fresh,
the present's in the flesh.

Right now is one of a kind,
a chance to make a moment in our lives,
a change of mind

When I dreamed what life would be like,
it was always ahead and before

No longer forward nor behind,
but grateful to take the good I find

Resign yourself, take a minute to think,
about no one else or what others believe.

Not the past, the failings you once knew,
right here! right now!

Who are you?

Most of us tend to be convinced of the rightness of our traditions,
our heritage...our way of life.

Until some event happens that shakes
our deepest beliefs to their foundations....what a realization

Our lives alter much as the winds,
changing sharply at times
more often gradually over time do we see any change at all

With each passing year,
our growth is sparked by learning and change.

In fitting together the pieces,
there are serious decisions to make

.....who are you?

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