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´When we went out to venture the plains
and eloquently rose to our feet.
Always in focus, ready to respond
to our victory so sweet.
Already in its first moments
we feel like we're unbeatable
Once assured and doubts departed
we feel fully rewarded
I am ignorant, I invented jealousy,
I am a social animal
It is the call of our nature
We only can insist on our instinct
An all-natural voice
that determines our choice
Endorphins rush, we feel euphoric
a natural high blocks the sensation of pain
Speedy recovery, breathing deeply
primed to take on the world.
I feel like hunting, I feel like killing
Endorphins rush in our veins
Call of our nature, call of the instict
It is the call, Primordial Call
Wether we are to reach out or stand back
from conflict and defeat, there is a harmony
in the darkest hours, we emerge as heroes
I am invincible, I am unstoppable
I stand on the shoulders of giants

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