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Grandfather's Song - text


Life is a road you must travel,
where it goes is up to you

The Journey you take, the places you reach,
will be based on what you do

When you trip, you've got to get up,
you'll be defeated if you stay down

Your last chapter hasn't been written yet,
so keep trying till an answer is found

Don't despair when life isn't fair,
because problems don't have to last

You can't see the future if your heads hanging down,
and you can never change the past.


Time past, but always in our hearts
Is kept his story, we will remember forever
Time's past, the future's in our hands

Now we're sharing the story
from him our grandfather

On this road, there will be twists and turns
You'll be carrying quite a load

Don't get in a rut, slide in a ditch
Just keep your eye upon that road
your word is your bond, it's who you are

No false promises, don't tell a lie
always do the best you can
when most are unwilling to try


Don't let titles go to your head or make you feel more important than they

Because no one is indispensable
and you too will be replaced someday

You may have to play the cards being dealt
There can always be a winning hand

Most others will blame the outcome on luck
The way you win is with hard work and a plan


Well my child, go do these things
I just wish I could be there to see

If you carry all these things with you, you'll also be carrying part of me

This journey will say who you really are
how they remember your name

Go live these things, you'll know what to say
when your grandchild someday.....asks you the same.

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