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Pulling my guitar out of its green velvet case
A hundred setlists staring at my face
And a note from a fan is stiff and yellow
And a notice of inspection from Air Canada
Sitting at the Days Inn Hotel, Chicago
Room 222, with the ceiling fan low
And I just got in the door from Ontario
And I'm going home tomorrow
I took a walk down to Lincoln Avenue
Got myself a foot massage and a manicure, too
And I looked up at the marquee and hey, it was my name
Next to Julie Holland, think that was her name
Sunshine in Chicago makes me think about my dad
It was eight or nine siblings I am told that he had
When the summertime came his parents put him on a bus
And sent him to his uncles in Chicago for three months
Sunshine in Chicago makes me feel pretty sad
My band played here a lot in the '90s, when we had
Lots of female fans and fuck, they all were cute
Now I just sign posters for guys in tennis shoes
Tomorrow I'll get up at a quarter after nine
No itching or burning like I got the other time
My back it fucking hurts but otherwise I'm fine
Sunshine in Chicago
Sunshine in Chicago

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