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Woken up, those New York mornings, shivering bones
Thinking how the air welled up, her old brown stone
Close down to kiss her, marks time past flown
So hard to find it in us to leave these dreams, to leave these dreams
Growing up, Ohio mornings, sleeping in late
Ducking out the window, the school I hate
Listening to my mother talking with her neighborhood friends
Underneath the drone guitar of lucky man
Stranded out, those Florida beaches, poor as a joke
Sails fly in Merritt Islands' lazy blue coast
Cool refrains of ocean rain echo off of my head
Celebrated Summer, friends and brothers, the freedom we fell and you're what I remember
Shining down the L.A. highways, glorious sun
Far from you, from my home, and everyone I love
Sinking in the shallow end of her infinite pools
Silver lakes and palisades and Malibu
Woken up those lost young mornings somewhere in Spain
I couldn't say the towns I slept, my lovers' names
Pouring in on Sunday, heaven's church bell rang
I didn't know my purpose 'til I stood and sang for crowds of passing faces
Woken up to this new April's sleepy gray skies
The rain has swept the dust that left, the gutters rise
The fog it spills into the hills, crawling out east
The windows weep beside now, though she sleeps and I, now have I found her

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