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Lonely Mountain - text


Oh, tiring city
Leave you from time to time
People with things in their ears
Cutting me off in line
Get on the long yellow highway
Need to get the hell out
Hassles, hassles, hassles
Always stacking up

Oh, jilted lover
Why won't you leave me be
Why must you grind your ax
Against my fruit bearing tree
Oh, lonely mountain
Quiet, peaceful, and green
Out here in isolation
Don't hear no ambulance screams

Oh, bitter friend
Envious of others' jobs
Envious of others' freedom
Got to work hard to find your sweet spot
Devoted my whole life
Nothing came by luck
Your dad paid for your college
My dad gave me five bucks

Oh, endless sessions
Down here at Ellis and Hyde
My elbows at the desk
I listened and scrutinized
Come home, lay down in bed
Drum loop stuck in my head
Tried to shut my brain off
And open that [?] again

Oh, lonely record
No longer has a home
Only money comes
When I get out on the road
Oh, lonely ocean
Why must I cross
To end up in Puerto Real, Spain
Where I'll turn and I'll toss

Oh, lonely singer
Lies there awake, looks at the clock
Flipping through a black book
Relearning songs that he's forgot

Oh, eager fan
Follows me show to show
Well, if I have a good night
I might come out and say hello
Oh, patient lover
Waiting by the phone
I call her from my layover
And tell her I'm coming home

Scattered lights of south San Francisco
Sparkle like diamonds
When the night is black
And my airplane's downward gliding
Oh, love I missed you
Lie down next to me
Sway with me like the ocean
'Til I fall into a deep long sleep

Oh, dandelions
Coming up from the ground
I reach for a notebook
Write down some words and try to wind down

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