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I sit here and wait
On the banks of the Carquinez Strait
Watching pelicans swim
For a beak of sunning king fish
And I meditate
Up shore from the golden gate
Watching sea lions bask in sunshine
And find that my eyes
Can still be awed and surprised

All night I hear wails
Of the union pacific rails
Of ally cat scratch
Of lost baby humpbacks
Of incoming ships
In from their epic long trips
And of mother's dying these sounds never leave
Be there for them
Spend every moment you can

And love your girl dearly
Look deep into her soul
And say that I love you
Before your body turns cold
I love my girl dearly
And also her little dog Boo
We're a small pack
And hey we're happy too
I sing her a song I write her a poem
I gave her my bed
And the keys to my home

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