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The saddest eyes she wore
So longing and forlorn
That made me love you
More and more

The bluest heart she owns
As she gets more and more alone
As the deepest cello drones

The oldest yard-cat sings
Her mournful bellowing
From branches in the trees

The stillest star shines red
With them bring havoc and death
Upon the land they'll sweep

The painful midnight cries
When one leaves a world behind
Leaves a world be, leaves a world behind

And here in Half Moon Bay
Hear the hum of the highway
Hum of the high, hum of the highway

Highway 1
Grey clouds, muted suns

Down by the footbridge stream
I am walking in a dream
Wailing in my dreams

Cuz winter-time was through
I could not be there for you
I couldn't care for you

And hear the traffic come
Down the old Highway 1
Down the Devil's sleighted run

And nothing clears these stains
Not the January rains
Rising in the stream

Down by the bay-leaf tree
Our lonely bird eyes meet
Lonely bird eyes, lonely bird eyes meet

Under the blue moonbeams
I am wandering in my dream
Walking in my, wandering in a dream

Highway 1
Grey clouds, muted suns

Highway 1
Grey clouds, muted suns

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