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We're cool so I show up
I froze and I'm blue
Uh oh, try holding us up
My love, my love, when I’m through
We're cool when I show up
Icy when you move
And see through when you show
And ice cold, ice cold
And it's you
And try holding me too
And oh, try
And try holding me too
And oh, try

I’m just trying to be on my phone less, B, I’ll link you on the weekend
Somehow you were feeling sus when I was sleeping
Do you have to call my friends a hundred times and I was counting
It’s the only thing that put me back to sleep when you were shouting and I couldn’t wait up
Don’t think you come on in and then you let me in your room
These signals that you're mixing got me feeling kinda static
Yeah, it might be black and white but lately I've been seeing blue
And oh, I couldn’t wait up
Don’t think about me when I stop replying to your texts
I’m trying leave the show and you wish I never left, then I link you on the road and you say it’s for the best
And oh, I couldn’t wait up
I told you twice already, B, I’ll get you when I’m home
Funny how I knew before we even got together, even when I’m hanging with you, I still feel like I’m alone

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You And Everything Blue

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