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I was never one to fall down and I won’t
They were tryna lead me to the ground and I won’t
You can hear me speaking from the crowd that I won’t
Wana see me trip like he must have fell, don’t
They were always tryna block me out but they won’t
Tell’em put their paper to their mouth but they won’t
They can see me higher than the crowd but they won’t
Wana see me trip like he must have fell, don’t
The light’s still blue through my window
For two when I walk to my tempo
They try getting under my skin but
Can’t find me with no evidence to
The staircase down to my basement
Move shook when they saw how I came in
Keep your head down look where you’re facing
You can’t step to me under the pavement
I’ve been moving lately like my shadow doesn’t follow me at all
Ima keep my feet above the concrete when they wana see me fall
I try to keep my vision clear, know when they appear Ima ghost
Ye they were tryna pull me to the ground man like he must have fell, don’t
I’m still stood at my window sill
I can’t sleep and it makes me ill
My room cold as the day you left
How you sway when you’re standing still

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