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I just let the beat run for a minute

What if I take a minute?
I couldn’t see your reflection
What if I leave for the summer penning my way to my spendings
Now when you’re out with your friends, it's how I took off without mention

You were the day that I left and still more than I can remember

Dripping in ice when we landing
Not round my neck like your hands
And why you so cold to me lately?
Leaving me feeling Icelandic

What if I take a second to breathe for the two of us?
Baby, here take a hold of my jacket
Raising the roof to the flipping sky, make rain in the attic
We stick together like magnetics the way we attracting

But now it’s raining so hard, it soaking right down to the mattress
All of a sudden, you pushing me to the side like we static
I couldn’t see your reflection, least not from where I was standing

What if I take a minute to be in the moment that's passing?
Funny how little I knew when we on the roof and we dancing
I couldn’t be your reflection, least not from where I was standing

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You And Everything Blue

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