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Oh, How well I remember the day
Encircled by trees I was
Grabbing Boughs and whispering fays
Forced to walk on their elfin pathways
Until they led me to a fount at last
I watched into the starlit water
And the lights began to whirl around
Weird eyes glared at me
My mind sabk into the fount
Dark it was there on the ground
But bright and graceful was the light
Of the dancing water sprites
Mute voices sang their songs profound
Tunes frail as their wavy guise
Enswathed me like a silken shine
A glance on the flight of time
To distant realms and stars
Low laid the land of mine
And their everlasting scars
In the deepest depth there was
fire and source entwined
In days of yore and before
It burned and flowed in our mind
With eyes on the wings of time
I saw the flames increase
The fount fell down into lethe
And within the silken shine
Again I heard the singing fays
Through the mist of time There is no believe
Frail is the Pathway of dreams
For all is drowned in chants of lethe
Aye, I will remember the day
Encircled by Trees I was
Grabbing Boughs and whispering fays
Forced to walk on their elfin path ways
Here I saw how the days would last

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