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(Yah, yah, yah)
Well it is good to be back with my brothers, my family
Hustle my way through this life keep on handing me cash
Now I got all these bands on me
Bag full of weed keep on stranding me
Try understanding me
Smoke half an O now I look like a manatee, uh
Hoes keep on fanning me
Yeah they know Snow like it cold like a cup full of ice
Keep on pouring that tangerine
Hop on my dick like a trampoline
Plan on me kicking you out
Here's some money for gasoline
Bitch thought I loved her but that was a fantasy
I was just practicing
Managing vanity
Causing insanity
Look at my gun like you reading a magazine
Blow off your head now the back of it look like a galaxy
Suffer from apathy
Still never catching me, yuh

[Verse 2: $LICK $LOTH]
(Flex, $ui–, flex, G)
G*59, $uicide
Just a junkie who won't die
Fight or flight
Bet I might
Shoot a fuck boys face tonight
These hoes be throwing pussy, but I couldn't fuck her if I tried
Just pass her to my cousin let him bust that fucking bitches spine
Just made five racks in a week
Still on the floor trying to sleep
59 be rolling so deep
Criminals just trying to eat
How the fuck is you saying we fronting?
Pentagrams is what I trust in
If I got the herron, then I'm ducking
Sipping lean trying to act like you druggin'

[Verse 3: BLACK SMURF]
Haha, awaken to bitches and drugs
$200 a buzz
I’m falling and unconscious
I rarely remember what was before, like fuck
She’s covered in ashes and mud
Shooting the fuck up with her
And I’m not really in the type of mood to talk
Sit there—it lessens, I’m faded the blunt
Got her mad ‘cause I don’t play when she’s playing to off
Smoke back to back 'til the [?] give out
She sucks 'til her jaws and knees give out
With $800 I hustle, can’t reach me now
[?] making my groupie shout
Eating on Ramen, I sat on the couch
Mercedes 4 door I’m counting pounds
Delete minus signs on the [?] now
Ain’t no interruption—the time is now

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