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Who's Pills Are These? (What Bag Were They In.. - text


[Verse 1: Ruby da Cherry]
I'm tired
I'm tired
Been blowing on fire
I should get some sleep cause tomorrow we driving
Ruby the pilot been pulled over twice and I still flick the lighter
I'm trying to get higher
Fuck 5-0 bitch
Trying to reach 5 and 0
They fucking with my hustle
Man they trying to fuck my title
Driving to Cali
Driving to Brooklyn
Driving to Texas
What's going to be next for us?
Probably the prison
We tend not to listen
Making more money one show then they do in a week
Yeah they even admitted it
Splitting and stuffing
I say fuck the cuffing
Smoking and driving got me into trouble a couple of times
But I still keep on puffing

[Verse 2: Yung Chri$t]
Flexing in Lil' Mexico
Smoking on the Texaco
I will never save the ho
Never rat and that's fo' sho'
Data on I never roam
Always creeping close to home
Xanax bars or methadone
Local rappers on my phone
Fuck you mean I'm grey for life
Opium inside my pipe
If dyings wrong I'm never right
Couple bitches on some ice
They treat me like I'm Eazy E
Yung Chri$t no Gallilee
I am such a rarity
Hanging from a Rosary

[Verse 3: Black Smurf]
Talk that shit on up
Nigga that where you fucked up
Try Trick or Treatin' on my head
Don’t make me get to tuffed up
Reppin' FOD? man Anywhere no matter where I go
Take the cash out my hand boy you gon' need to hold for us
To fuck with me my life Skywalker so don’t [?]
Dreamin' money hoes and hoes, talking ‘bout [?] Hustle
Fear off the muscle
Aim and bust
You playing with a nigga’s hustle
Can’t fail [?]
Life is a Hustle

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