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Aye Slick—it’s yo' conscience
See you building up violence
You itching to murder, itching to murk 'em
You know what I gotta say
Kill 'em all and get locked away
Kill yourself and just end this pain
You gonna burn in hell anyway
Fuck the preachers and what they say
Grip the A to the K and then let it spray
Grip the MAC, grrrrat, and just go insane
Grab that bitch, fuck her once and don’t ever call
Get that money, then you say fuck 'em we ball
They don’t want you to win just always fall
But I’m tourin' for spring, summer, and the fall
Wake up and pop me a Adderall
Wake up and pop me two Adderall
Got the sticks and we don’t let that ladder fall

Back in New Orleans
Back in the rat trap
Always storming in the springtime
7th Ward in the storm like a bathtub below a plug with the chord in
Looking gorgeous when lightning strikes
Don't let the whore in
Bitch, I’m recording, red light
Ruby with a groupie when he touring in the foreign
But when he in the 7th, the Lonely Lord is reborn into his final form
Heart stops like a red light
Lead pipe
Bash in my skull
Smoke a rock of crack
Glass in my gallbladder
Cock it back
Eye contacts very important when you driving around in the storm
Riding in a Corvette in the 7th Ward with the 7th Ward Lord
The blood has been poured on the mud
Now we gorge on the flood
Lit the torch with the rub, yeah

Ran up on ya'
Druggin' slowly, shoving percy's in my mouth
Told you I’m losing it
Clutching the chopper
Bitch ready to eat some shit
Catch me in traffic swervin'
Chugging Forties and bad decisions
Packs of bitches
Fuck I love ‘em
Fuck 'em duck 'em
Bitch I’m running through bodies of oppositions
Taking my position is not existent
Bitch, I do this
Ruler of the Misfit's
Kicking shit over
Out of order
Lurkin’ North Shore's shadiest
Droppin' bombs where your city is
Respect for nobody
No fair ones I’m calling it now
Not fucking around with loaded hammer
I load the Trey-Five-Seven
Let you lay long underground
Whippin' the Rover in Boulder
I’m smokin' the finest
While your high school sweetheart
Handle my pipe like a Thief in the Night

[Outro: Young Thug]
I'm a thief in the night
I'm a thief in the night
I'm a thief in the night
I'm a thief in the night

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