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[Verse 1: $lick $loth]
Bitch, I'm Gucci
Diamonds in my uzi
Flipping groupies
Suicide's so gloomy (uh-uh)
Oh my gosh, smoke and xan
Drugs up in my den (den)
Back before I used to trap, yen up in a Benz
Triple six got your bitch sucking dick
Pulling tricks for that guap
Then she show's you what she's taught (uh-uh)
Beta-blocker with the chopper
Forty-seven yoppers
I do it for your daughter and she does it for the dollar

[Verse 2: Ruby da Cherry]
Bitch I'm soaking wet
Soaking in that lower coast
Yeah, bitch I've got that ocean flex
Slow motion sex
Took your bitch now she my poking pet
Are y'all open yet?
No bitch, we stay closed
Don't you know that yet?
Stole that 'Vette
Chose that jet (uh-uh)
Throw that set
Pour that next
Squeeze my loaded Tec (uh-uh)
I can see you fucking broke a sweat
Keep that throat in check
You might end up with a broken neck
Chosen cause I'm the frozen shogun
Here bitch, you can hold my check

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Suicideboys texty

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