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[Verse 1: $lick $loth]
Living my life like I die every night
Born in the dark so don't turn on the lights
I know that you waiting for me to wake up
But you wasting your time because I don't give a fuck
Drugs in my vein got that dope by the gram
Paranoid all the time so the nine's in my hand
They know $uicide, I ain't gotta say a fucking thing
Catch me on the other side where the mockingbird sings

[Verse 2: Lil' oozing]
Hand out the grave no bitch it ain't a wave
Give me some help I been dying for days
Slittin' myself bitch I been dripping yep
Melting away no more need for a belt
Hiding my eyes but they never stay closed
I need that belt again it's for my throat
Light up the blunt bitch I want to breathe smoke
Haunting me yeah I'm surrounded by ghosts

Text přidala wendy1134

Video přidala wendy1134

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