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The Road To Hell Is Highway 59 - text

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[Verse 1: Yung Plague]
Uh, bitch, I got ice on my wrist
That's to stop to slice from swelling
Bitch, I'll burn a fucking church and sell the ashes to the reverend
Ask the weapon
Ain't no stepping
Ain't no climbing
Bitch, I'm sliding, and I wreck it
Curbs getting swerved over
Bitch, I murder then repress it
Life full of lessons and I didn't learn shit, so I burned the school too
Got a sandbox full of ashes for the kids
Catch me shining in the 'llac
Got a diamond painted black
Frame intact
Flame is back
Get the fuck up off the grid
[Verse 2: Yung Scarecrow]
Hi, I want to die
Blackout my eyes and crucify
I find in Satan's eyes
Carry my sixes around with pride
Killer, killer sweeping the bodies
Tony the Tommy with grip on the shotty
Low life creeping and plotting
Suboxone on me with a script of neurotin
Body numb speaking in tongues
Opium tar in my lungs
Pistol-packing, skull cracking
I'm that fucking gothic savage
Vampire laced in satin
Love to catch a fuck boy lacking
Cadillac macking crackhead
Tracking all who slacking ratting
[Verse 3: RVMIRXZ]
Fucking with the evil ones straight from the crypt
Drenched in the blood from the souls that I rip
Creep through the darkness–I'm murdering bustas
I'm hunting whatever's inside of my circuits
I'm burning these bodies–I'm digging up graves
Stuck in the place where Jesus won't save
Triple 6, Satan's kids
G to the 59 don't play shit
Serial killers, we selling our souls
Fuckin with us and your body will fold
Step in the shadow where nobody knows
Begging for life but it's instantly cold
Voices inside of my head
Pitted for murder and blood to be shed
Creep out the darkness, the devil once said
If you fucking with him, then it's death to ya' head

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