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The Crescent Moon and the Rising Sun - text


[Verse 1: 7TH WARD LORD]
Hailing from the Chopper City
Weather leaves you hot and sticky
Leopard print I ain't no kitty
Pussy boys can mock, no pity
Simmer down bitch I'm burning up in the ash
Don't sift me
Yung Mutt in the cut got to duck the 50
Been popped twice
Fuck a cop nothing nice comes from the system's gritty grip
I sip the uzi face don't look so pretty
Bitch, I grip the TEC so loosely
Leave you feeling chilly
Bitch, I'm from Gentilly
Don't want to count a Milli
Smoking all my cash in a Philly
Kill me bitch
I will be free in a world where you can't bill me, uh

$ui, $ui
Nina Simone up in my ear while I debate to take my life
Bunch of voices all I hear
Paranoia in my eyes
Got them fuckboys in my sight
Bits of organs on my knife
Mirror image from the tinted that reminds me that I'm Christ, sucka
Boogeyman under your covers
I hover above the street gutters
No there ain't another
Forever I'm packin the thunder and snuffer
And popping these uppers
I kill for my brothers
Welcome to the last supper
Thanks for coming
Now close the shutters motherfucker, uh

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