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That Time We Went To Wal Mart In Memphis To S.. - text

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[Verse 1: YUNG CHRI$T]
Catch me ridin' slidin' in East Memphis smoking on some butta mane
Call up TA Double Dolla for the fucking gasoline
Elvis Presley Boulevard
We swangin' on 'em hard
Hanging out the Chevy screamin' "mothafuck the law"
[Verse 2: YUNG MUTT]
Pull up, and we park in the parking lot of Walmart
Just so I can maybe snatch a shady grey T
Fuck a shopping cart
Put that bitch on
Walk back to the car
Heartbeat pacing
Never racing
Fuck a security guard
Yeah my paper so thin I ain't got no tree shading me
[Verse 3: YUNG CHRI$T]
I got that 1080p
Only smoking OG
I be that junkie mother fucker with that dope up in me
The almighty 59
Beelzebub of my time
Cabin fever running high from snorting back to back lines
[Verse 4: YUNG MUTT]
Sun shining brightly
Wait that's just the weed I'm lighting
TA asking if the blunt needs tightening
V8 spilling might be blood
I'm killing bugs
I'm swatting flies
All you gnats trying to flock to my eyes
Your size is compromised from trying to fly
Sick of this all of these Icarus wannabes

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