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Ruby casting shadows
Looting fucking castles
Ruby got the bad hoes shaking like a graduating tassel
Uzi make it rattle
Gucci print I fucking dabble
All these bitches fucking battle
Bitch I'm fucking sunk at the bottom of a bottle
My problems too many blunts so Ruby facing problems
Suicidal idol rolling blunts inside of broken bibles
Pussy boy I popped him with the rifle
Grey the fucking title

Ridin' shotty with my shotty
Smokin' next to Oddy
Caught a body in the lobby
Then I emptied out my tommy
I'm that grimy mother fucker with them sluggas in my luggage
Wavy like the ocean, sad emotions, get the notion?
Grey my territory
Hoes know bout my story
Scum my category
Fuck these hoes while in my glory
Sippin' on that purple, thanks to drugs I feel immortal
Jumpin' in and out of portals, looking like I'm Andy Warhol
Gaudy pack Lord, with three hoes up in my Ford
Codeine always poured when I'm in the 7th Ward

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Video přidala wendy1134

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