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$ui-, hahaha
What, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what
Bitch, I step in your hood like it's fly by night
You got the nine? That's alright 'cause hoe I ain't 'fraid to die
Squeeze the trigger, lil pussy, see your hand shaking
When Yung Christ get to walking all the earth breaking
Koopsta Knicca reborn out the voodoo village
All these rappers fuckboys and I've been sent here to pillage
Fuck a image, this my business that I put on record
You motherfuckers Dr. Hyde and I'm Mr. Jekyl
Better yet the devil, anti-christ dripped in gold
Flip the cross up on the chain, make sure these motherfuckers know
Scarecrow and Yung Snow, we see you bitches biting
All these posi mother fuckers claiming suicidal
Eat my rifle
Lucifer telling me that I better be in reverie
Lucifer begging me to return home
Travel the seven seas, Ruby Da Cherry been burying memories
Cherishing dead enemies, never returning the throne
Please leave me the fuck alone
Fuck a hoe, plug up her soul
Find a puddle grab a shovel, let's keep digging deep holes
The grass is always stained red when you slit your wrist
Grave wet from the rain, dead weight, remain dead and wait
Forever the grey, forever the grey
Forever the grey and the five and the nine and
Remember my name, remember my name
Remember my name when I die, don't reply to the devil inquiring
Souls for admiring, Satan perspiring, sign on the line
Ruby inspiring kids, get in line and see Lucifer
Buyer beware of the truth and see you can be evil enough to let loose
Bitch, I got that noose
What the fuck you choose?
Choose late and lose

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