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Well it's that Mac daddy
'Lac swanging
All these suckers still portraying
Back at it
Still an addict
I got love for bad habits
Riding low
Sipping slow
Mixing codeine with that dope
Split it up with my kinfolk
Grey 5-9
You know the code
Riding down the 7th
Make a left on Crescent
Opposite of heaven
No confessions or you end up missing
Lil Half Cut got the Mac
Oddy got the sack
Yung Tyler Durden
Born a burden and they still worship

I got four lines in the cup
And that cup inside another cup
Cream soda turning to red cream soda
Hydrocodone liquid
Made the fucking doctor cough it up
Now I'm leaned over
Now my spleen Yoda
Green throw up
I'ma fiend
So what?
Life is but a fucking dream
Pour up
Drive high when I drive by just to seem sober, bitch
And if I seem sober, it's because my fucking spleen exploded
And I keeled over
Wheels rolling right off of the cliff
And splashed into that river stream below us

Text přidala wendy1134

Video přidala wendy1134

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