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Sold my soul to satan waiting in line at the .. - text


[Verse 1: Ruby Da Cherry]
Roll up and I'll light a fucking match to the gas, no gas mask
Make it splash and all of a sudden I'm getting ashes
Lasting more than I can fathom
Mass appeal is real it seems
Mass didn't appeal to me
Six, six, six
Wrists glisten cause of slits
Heads missing so I split
Driven apathy, actually traffic
No tragic car accidents happen
You're just a fucking blip
It only matters cause we're matter
Scattering around a hole that gets blacker

[Verse 2: Yung Christ]
Hold up before I blow up
Hold up before I-
Hold up before I blow up
Give me one more time I can po' up
Got the wheels spinning but my blood's thinning
Oddy telling me that it's time to quit it
But I can't, I'll faint
Just one lil' taste real quick so I get straight
I'm so in debt with this shit, I can't pay
I'm so in love with this shit, I can't think
Mind gone blank
I just keep sinking, ducked out, sleeping
These drugs my weakness
Seek this money, wrist keep bleeding
And it's seeming
That the death of me is gonna be these demons

[Outro: Ruby Da Cherry]
Sold my soul to Satan
Waiting in line at the mall
I got six phones, I got six homes
I got a grave six feet tall
What do I know?
Failed chemistry
Hated religion, fuck it all

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