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[Verse 1: Oddy Nuff da $now Leopard]
Purple blade, red blood, $uicide
Alright, first off, I'll snatch your b*tch and then swerve off
The whole time she was calling you a j*rk off and calling me for the di*k
I'm a slick kid
Stick quick, sneeze, and then kick them to the curb
Off to the next one
Oddy Nuff stuffing guts f*cking flex and stunt
With a blunt in my mouth
With my di*k in a c*nt
What you bout motherf*cker?
f*ck your mother from the front, from the back, licked my nuts
She was nice and sweet
But, her too, had to punt to the side of the street
You wanna f*ck with me?
You gonna suck the d-i-c-k-l-m-n-o-motherf*cking p
So you see?
Ain't no fooling around fools like you
Let the siren pound
As the world go round
I put another f*cking round in the middle of my head as I drop to the ground

[Verse 2: Slick Sloth]
I got diamonds in my lean
Gold plated teeth
Adderall for the cheap
Half the time I'm f*cking sleep
It's the iced out, draped up, young Mel Gibson
Sippin' Bart Simpson and you begging for a mention
Trapping off the 5s
Sucking on some b*tches breast
Got my di*k all on her breath
Got my nut all on her chest
It's that young gucci sensei
Slickity Sloth the f*cking menace
Yung Christ in the flesh
$uicide until I'm finished

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