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Second Coming - text


I love Akuma...

[Verse 1: Oddy Nuff]
Interrupt a motherfucking shark attack like bitch what?
Hold up
Three's you better throw up
At least a middle finger save the vomit for the close up
Post up on a cross
Fuck Slick Sloth
Bitch I'm the Messiah
Yung Christ is just a pariah
Throw him in the dirt and raise him in the motherfucking fire

[Verse 2: $crim]
Called up Ruby the Sloth
Told him bring the Chevy
Little does he know I got a grave dug in a levee
Glock cocked and it's ready
Told him slide up out the whip
*click clack
*bang bang
Ruby does not exist

[Verse 3: Oddy Nuff]
Bitch I'm Oddy Nuff
Gripping the shotty pump
Tip to the cops where the body's dumped
I want these motherfuckers to know what Oddy does
Sloppy puffs of the blunts
I'm too fucked up to fuck up a cunt
Try and copy us fuck boy
Oddy shot me up

[Verse 4: $crim]
Bitch I'm Slickity Sloth the fucking menace
Yung Christ diminished
Sinners that don't say no penance
*59 the premise
The resurrection of the leopard out the pet cemetery
You want to find out about us go check an obituary

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