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[Verse 1: Black Smurf]
I went from hunnit to thousand
Now I’m plotting on million
Like Hustle we gotta get no time lacking with bitches
We stretch it and all the options forever chasing profit
And anyone in the field with paper you gotta drop it
I’m talking [?] stitching me up over [?]
For disrespecting you get tailored mane right in front of Reverend
For half a zip I can catch a touched in a Memphis city
If Hustle Family you get surrounded by goons in my city

[Verse 2: Ruby da Cherry]
I got a hunger
Stomach sounding like some rumbling thunder
Never going under
Light the blunt, and then I start to wonder
Contemplating numbers
Bitch, don't wake me from my slumber
Hibernating in the winter
Then I kill them in the summer
Fucked your bitch and then I shunned her
I'm a stunna
#1 Stunna
Spraying choppers out the Hummer
Life's an endless bummer
So I count my money in the back
Fuck a front-runner
Flush 'em like a poker playing plumber

[Verse 3: $lick $loth]
Chest tight from the smoke
Blowing on a bow
Couldn't tell you my location cause the phone's on roam
9 to ya' dome cock it back and squeeze it
In the bushes creeping
Repeat it every evening
Suckers claiming this and that
Swear they wouldn't rat
Swear they got the sack and they swear they toting gats
Bitch, you wack
See this ink on me lil' boy it means something
I got a handful of people that will murk you in public
So come try me lil' bitch

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