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[Intro: Yung $carecrow]
Grey Five Nine
Grey Five Nine
Grey Five Nine
Grey Five Nine

[Verse 1: Yung $carecrow]
I be that droopy mother fucker in a all black hoodie
Call up Ruby with the all black uzi
Smokin' on fruity, while I'm fuckin' with a groupie
Grabbin' on her booty, call me Yung Hank Moody
Got the red in my eyes
Call me Yung October
People say my eyes low but I'm just tryna get them lower
All day smoker with a hate for being sober
Kyle Korver with the 3's, throw 'em up and get slumped
Black bitch sitting shotty, white girl in the trunk
Lil' weird mother fucker with some gold on my gums
Knuckin' and buckin', bitch, it's Grey 59
I'm flippin' and whippin' and dealin' for them dollar signs

[Verse 2: 7th Ward Dragon]
Bitches telling me that I got pretty eyes
But when that crescent turn into a full moon they roll in the back of my head
It ain't a pretty sight
59 shots in my twisty spine
2 screws in my fucking ankle
I'd rather that than 2 nails in my fucking wrist
I be that filthy Christ with a crown of barbed wire
Feeling tipsy off some sticky sprite
Roll the blunt
I'm lighting up some misty pine
Grey is the color of my fucking skin
I ain't a white boy bitch
Dead is what I been
Wearing gold only cause I got to pay the reaper
I be the 7th Ward Dragon
Fucking fire breather

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Video přidala wendy1134

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