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333333 [rare* '96 bootleg ca​$​$​ette rip tre.. - text


[Verse 1: Yung Plague]
Me and Tenshi Doom
Creeping through the tombs
Eating shrooms that we picked off of your grave
Dead fuck boys, yeah that shit comes in waves
Could give a fuck about how you were raised
Desert reflector resurrector sipping a cup full of flames
My brain is like paint spilling out of a frame
They want to play games
Calling 911 on the *59, son
Staring at a tie-dye sun
Slide to the right now a six-foot jump
Have fun
No time to run
The gun was itching so I tried to oblige
Now my head has no front
Dig your body up and then put it in my trunk
Drive out the lakefront
Throw your body into the waves
As I watch you float away I will light up my blunt

[Verse 2: Trap Hou$e $crim]
I live in a world of illusion
Confusing when aimlessly shooting
Couple slim bitches I'm spooning
That scarecrow you see moving
I'm gripping the ax with a pipe full of wax
Couple Xanax, gone throw them back
Fuck all the fame, bitch
I'm lucifer's sequel
They asking me why, why the fuck I hate people
They haters, they boring
Wondering why I ignore them
But get a little bit of shine and in a little bit of time
Every mother fucker gonna be waiting in line
For a chance to take you down
Fuck all y'all clowns
Hop off the dick of the $uicide clique
Triple six, it's fuck your god!

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