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DJ $crim with that 808
[Verse 1: Norman Atomic]
Mother fucker pass the buck
Or should I say bucks?
I could give a fuck about ifs, ands, or buts
You still getting cut because this is a team and you not with us
We summing up funds
We funding our sums
To you this is work, to me this fun
Atilla the Hun
Dread what we become
We chewing up CEOs and spitting out bums
We never stuck in a rut
Norman Atomic is pissing that mud
Riding clean in the muck
Diamonds gleaming in my semen
Get the meaning?
Now she screaming "Put your seed in my gut"
I'm like:
"Slut, you fucking nuts
You best believe I'm about bust
Get on your knees and please just suck"
You got a problem with it?
Well, I could give a fuck
I'm finna pluck you like a flower petal
Drop you back down to that bottom level
[Verse 2: Anthony Mars]
My ambitions as a rider, I'm a shotta bumping Pac and Biggie
Give me the loot, give me the loot
Or you can meet this semi
Listening to Em while I'm smoking and I'm popping pilli's
Switch it to Weezy sipping sleazy thinking about a milli
This that dirty south, cracker, junkie that you heard of
Pill popping, armed robber, always talking slurred up
Chopped and screwed sipping juice fucking love that syrup
Sick fuck, psycho goonies, no them meds won't cure us
This New Orleans, killers lurking, maybe rob a tourist
Lord forgive me if I'm slipping and them haters burn us
I just don't know no other way, $crimmy always fucked up
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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